Logan Paul is under fire for saying he'll "go gay" for a month!

Logan Paul is getting major BACKLASH again!

Just when you thought he maybe Logan Paul learned his lesson, he gets himself back in the doghouse. A little over a year ago he got backlash for posting a video of a man who committed suicide. And now hes back on that BS again. 

In his latest episode of his podcast "Impaulsive," he discusses his goals for 2019 with Twitter legend, Brother Nature. 

via YAHOO!

"So our New Year's resolution ... we're vegan now, and we're sober?" Paul complained, making a face of confused disgust. 

Then "Impaulsive" co-host Mike "Hey Big Mike" Majlak chimed in with, "Just for the month." 

"January is sober vegan January," Paul continued. "February is ..." 

"Fatal February," Majlak added. "We're gonna go opposite. So day one, steaks, big bottles of Tito's [vodka] and shit, just wilin' out." 

Asking about March, Brother Nature said, "So you're gonna be vegan and sober again?"

"What is it, male only March?" Paul concluded. "We're gonna attempt to go gay for just one month." 

"For one month, and then swing ... and then go back," Majlak said.

Clearly Paul's insensitive language is not going over well, and many Twitter are fed up with the whole thing.

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