Las Vegas Locals Continue To Pay It Forward With Golden Knights Tickets

We previously told you about a Vegas Golden Knights fan who decided to pay it forward to first responders by giving away his tickets, now we are hearing other stories of very deserving people being surprised with free tickets to the Stanley Cup Final games.

The first instance is from a family who has had season tickets since they first went on sale. The family decided to pay it forward to veterans and offered up their tickets to Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final here in Las Vegas. After posting on a Facebook group, they were sent many amazing stories about local veterans and finally decided on a man whose story really touched the hearts of the family. 

Another instance of well-deserving people getting to go to the Golden Knights game occurred today when Las Vegas Metro Police officers were surprised with tickets to tonight's game. They originally thought they were attending a press conference, but were surprised with a representative from Dunkin Donuts along with their mascot Sprinkles. It was at this time that they were told they would be attending the second game of the Stanley Cup Final tonight.

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