Golden Knights Preseason Flashback: "Losers", "Low Expectations", "Bad"

With the unprecedented success of the Vegas Golden Knights, it's fun to go back and see what was being said about the team before the season started. In another installment of our Golden Knights Preseason Flashback, we now look at an article that was posted on Vice Sports not long after the NHL expansion draft. Needless to say, the author of the article was not impressed with the Golden Knights.

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The article begins right away with the dislike of the new team - the title itself is:

The Golden Knights Weren't the Only Losers in the Expansion Draft

Then the article's title has quite the subheader:

The Vegas Golden Knights somehow underwhelmed our already low expectations, but they aren't alone.

As you continue reading, the thoughts regarding the Golden Knights picks include:

...the Knights are the biggest losers in Vegas since those four idiots went there for a bachelor party and the one guy passed out on the roof and the other three couldn't remember anything.


There were instances where McPhee took a clearly less valuable player from a roster but got no obvious compensation for leaving the more valuable players alone. If there was a plan, it wasn't apparent last night.


This should seal the Knights' fate for finishing dead last and earning the best lottery odds for the first pick in 2018....

However, the article did have some positive things to say about Marc-André Fleury, speaking about how he would no longer be a backup goalie now that he was picked up by the Golden Knights.

But the kind words did not last too long, as once again some negative remarks were given towards tourists as the author poked fun at the people who would come to Las Vegas during hockey season.

My, how things have changed since this article was written!

You can read the entire article right here:


Not too bad for "the only losers in the expansion draft":

Photo: Vegas Golden Knights


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