Americans Would Pay Over $27K To Never Have Insomnia

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Have you ever wished you could write a check so you’d never have to deal with annoying health conditions again? A new survey asked people to do just that … well, to imagine doing it anyway. Assurance IQ, a company that helps people get insurance and loans, asked 3-thousand Americans of different ages from 44 states just how much they’d be willing to spend to avoid certain health ailments for the rest of their lives.

Key findings from the poll include:

  • Overall, people in most states were willing to spend the most to get a good night’s sleep, saying they’d pay an average of $27,418 ($27-thousand 418) to never suffer from insomnia again.
  • The price tag respondents would put on having complete immunity from COVID? A year’s worth of rent.
  • To avoid the pain of hangovers, people would be willing to spend $82.55 every month, far less than the $182.99 they’d gladly give monthly to not have pimples or acne.
  • Some states are outliers, like Missouri, respondents from there would be more than happy to pay over $47-thousand to never throw up again.
  • Pennsylvania is another, as those survey takers say they’d gladly pay $60,918 to never be burdened with allergies again. For perspective, the median household income in Pennsylvania is $63,627.
  • When asked what they’d sacrifice to never have COVID or a hangover again, the top responses include brunch, coffee, Netflix, fast food, social media and the beach.

The average price Americans would be willing to pay to never deal with these conditions again:

  • Insomnia: $27,418
  • Allergies: $13,901
  • Covid-19: $13,593
  • Stomach-aches or cramps: $12,137
  • Acne or pimples: $11,219
  • Throwing up: $10,373

Source: CNBC

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