This Is Nevada's Most Famous Musician Of All Time

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Some states are known for shoveling out tons of celebrities, from actors to athletes and everything in between. Most, however, have just one or two celebrities that the state is known for.

Insider created a list of each state's most popular musician. The website states, "The list is somewhat subjective, but to help determine the most famous musician from every state, Insider looked at each artist's reputation (within their own era), record sales, and awards." The list consists of individuals both born in the states along with those who just spent a lot of time living there.

So which musician took the honor in Nevada?

According to the list, it's lead singer of The Killers, Brandon Flowers.

Here's what Insider says about the musician:

"Brandon Flowers, lead singer of the Las Vegas band The Killers, has contributed some of the most popular alt-rock tunes of the past 20 years. Flowers and co. have had three albums reach No. 1 on Billboard's rock charts and they recently broke the unique record of the most time in between No. 1 hit singles with "When You Were Young" in 2006 and "Caution" in 2020. We recently listed The Killer's "Imploding the Mirage" as one of the best rock albums of 2020."

Click here to check out the full list of each state's most famous musician.

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