Nicki Minaj Reflects on Being Single for the First Time Since She Was 15

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After a four-year hiatus, @nickiminaj is back with a banging new album and a lot to say—about finding herself again and reckoning with her past, trap taking over the rap game, and—yes—talking to the judge on behalf of Meek Mill. Link in bio for the full #nickiminaj July 2018 cover story, with photos shot by the legendary @karllagerfeld, himself. editor-in-chief: @ninagarcia creative director: #stephengan stylist: @katie_mossman hair: @kimblehaircare

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Nicki Minaj says a lot in her upcoming interview with Elle magazine. 

One of the topics she tackles is the fact that she's single for the first time since she was 15 years old - despite what Eminem says.

Minaj said, "I remember feeling like I could do anything at one time in my life and somewhere along the line, I just started second guessing myself for whatever reason. As soon as I realized that I could actually live and breathe, and eat and sleep, and walk and talk, without having a boyfriend, something clicked in me.

Nicki continued, "Becoming single was one of the things that made me feel strong and powerful. The fact that I am a young woman who doesn't need a man for money. I don't need a man for a job. I've never had to f--k for beats. I've never had to f--k for a record deal. I don't have those pressures."

Minaj talks about other subjects in the interview including Meek Mill's judge, working with Karl Lagerfeld and trap music.

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