How To Break Up With Social Media

Humans are becoming so emotionally dependent on social media that it’s necessary to give it a break every now and then, especially when things start to feel toxic. Those whodotake breaks from their beloved social media apps typically report positive results such as increased productivity and feeling more fulfilled mentally and spiritually. Here are tips for disconnecting:

  • Turn off your notifications. They’re distracting from what’s going on around in real life. They can also trigger FOMO and make you feel like you have to constantly keep up.
  • Limit your screen time. More apps are starting to implement limits like this but your iPhone comes equipped with a “screen time” setting that you can work with.
  • Get a new hobby. Once you stop mindlessly scrolling, you’ll have tons of extra free time. Pick up a new skill or revisit an old hobby that used to make you happy before. Keep your mind (and hands) preoccupied.
  • Check-in with friends and family offline. We know better than to judge someone’s life off of what they post online. Reconnect with friends and family by calling them up or hanging out in person.

  • Make social media a treat. In the same way you might view your daily latte or getting your nails done every week, look at an hour of social media a day as a little reward to yourself.
  • Delete the social media apps you don’t use. It’s one step closer to becoming less attached. If you only use Snapchat every once in a while, there’s a good chance you’d be perfectly okay without it at all.
  • Go cold turkey and quit! If you really need to, commit to a digital detox for a set amount of days. Log out of your accounts, delete any apps, and let your friends know how else they can reach you instead.


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