Teaching kids CPR with the Baby Shark song....

Do you know CPR? Sadly... I can't say that I know enough to save someone. (I should fix that.) Anyway, a survey found that slightly more than half of Americans, 54%, say they know how to perform CPR; however, only one in six know that the recommended technique for bystander CPR, which is the newest way to perform CPR, consisting of just chest compressions and no breaths. (I did not know that!)

Well, in the past, "Staying Alive" from the Bee Gee's was the go to song tempo for the right amount of compressions. BUT it looks like a new song is coming into play.... BABY SHARK!!



How do you do Bystander CPR?

Someone in cardiac arrest will collapse, stop breathing, and have no pulse. That's the time to begin bystander CPR.

The first step is the most important: call 911. Once you've reported the emergency, you can begin chest compressions.

  • Kneel next to the person's chest.
  • Place the heel of one hand over the other in the middle of the chest.
  • Extend your arms completely.
  • Push down hard at a 90° angle (put your shoulders into it), and after the push completely release your pressure. That's one compression.
  • Aim for 100 or more compressions per minute.

Angela Cortez

Angela Cortez

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