12 signs of a guilty conscience

Do you have someone in your life that has been acting real "funny" lately. Like you feel like something is wrong, but you aren't sure. Well here are 12 physical & emotional signs of a guilty conscience.

#1 They’re suddenly nice. They may overcompensate because of guilt.

#2 They can’t look you in the eyes. If someone avoids eye contact with you, it’s a classic sign of guilt.

#3 They accuse you. It's called “projection.”

#4 They can’t sleep properly. Something is on their mind... it may be work or it may be family or it may be something they feel guilty for.

#5 They’re avoiding you.  A common sign of guilt is when someone intentionally avoids the person they’ve betrayed. 

#6 They’ve suddenly lost their appetite.  A loss of appetite is caused by stress and anxiety. Now you need to ask yourself, why are they feeling like this?

#7 They make an effort for small talk. They’re compensating for lying to you, and this is one of those easiest signs of a guilty conscience that can be noticed rather easily. 

#8 They suck up to you on social media. If someone wants on your good side, you’ll be amazed at how vigilant they are on social media.

#9 They become emotional.  When people become upset or emotional when confronted, it’s usually a good sign that they feel bad about what they did.

#10 They’re anxious. Guilt naturally, causes anxiety. You may notice them acting anxious around you. Because there’s something they want to tell you but are too terrified to share it.

#11 They lie.  To go along with anxiety, lying is actually a natural response.

#12 Protective over their phone. We already know why... GUILTY!

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