The WORST things ever said during "Whoopy Time"

Being in the moment... is not really being in the moment. Tons of thoughts are running through your mind and luckily for most of us... keeping somethings left unsaid is a great habit to have... but for others, filters are nonexistent!

A new survey asked people to share the WORST thing someone has ever said to them during sex.  And here are the top 10 . . .

  1.  Saying the wrong name.

 2.  "I need to poop."

 3.  (Careful!)  "I'm going soft."

 4.  "Did you do this with your ex?"

 5.  "I'm breaking up with you after this."

 6.  "What do you want for dinner tomorrow?"

 7.  "You remind me of my dad."

 8.  "What's your sister like?"

 9.  "You're almost as good as my ex."

 10.  "Do you think your mom ever tried this position?" 

SOURCE: (Saucy Dates)

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