FAILED Valentine's Challenge

Soo Deanna and I made a challenge for ourselves to get out of our comfort zone and try and find a couple dates for VDAY. Since we have been picking duds for dated for MONTHS...we thought maybe, just maybe, if we swaped tinders and picked for eachother... we would have better luck. WRONG! We failed!!

We started out good. It took us two hours to sort through suitors for each other and we finally settled on 10 each. But out of the 10... NADA!!! LOL I guess it didn't help that we took our sweet time planning the date out... but still out of 10 dude each... no one was available to double date with us.

While Deanna had her share of problems and excuses... mine were nothing to be proud of! One guy told me, "Sounds like you just don't want to be alone on Valentine's Day." UUUUUUHHHH no brah, I've been alone on Vday plenty, this year a challenge was set and I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone to get to know you, random man that I didn't pick for myself. Another dude suggested he had a date already, but if it did work out he'd meet me later... UUHHHH no. I'm not your second serving! LOL

Needless to say... it was challenging to find someone down for an adventure with me... but I won't lose hope. :) 

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