2018 Dating Terms that you may need to know

The world of dating gets weirder and weirder by the year.... here are a few new dating terms you may want to throw into you vocab when it comes to dating in 2018.

  • Flexting – This is when you flex your muscles online before you meet in real life. It’s like bragging, but worse.
  • Cricketing – If you have your “read receipts” on but don’t text back, congratulations. You’re a cricketer (and a jerk).
  • Ghostbusting – This is when you keep texting someone EVEN when they’re ghosting you.
  • Seredipidating – Have you ever left things up in the air just in case something better comes along? You’re a seredipidater.
  • Fauxbae’ing – This is when someone pretends to have a boo on social media, but really they’re single. Probably doing it to make an ex jealous.
Angela Cortez

Angela Cortez

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