Innocent habits that can be toxic to relationships

Being in a solid relationship can be hard work. You want to keep things feeling fresh, new, and fun all the time. But it’s not so easy when you’re also dealing with petty arguments, disagreements, and just being thisclose with another person. Here are some relationship habits that we should probably break right now:


  • Calling them your “everything.” - You need to have other things. If your boo is really your EVERYTHING, you’ll feel empty when they’re gone. Make a life for yourself!
  • Constant communication. - Communication is great, but if you’re in contact at all times, this can lead to an unhealthy relationship. Take a step back!
  • Asking them to “fix” your emotional issues. - It’s okay to look to your partner for support, but expecting them to be able to make everything better is just ridiculous.
  • Trying to make each other happy. - Of course making each other happy is a huge part of a healthy relationship, but remember you have other things to make you happy too.
  • Doing everything together. - It’s the space issue all over again. It’s not cool to talk all the time and it’s definitely not cool to be together all the time.
  • Being completely honest about everything. - Maybe don’t tell your partner when you think the new coworker is kind of hot. There are things that don’t need to be said.
  • Keeping score. - If you’re constantly playing game of give and take until it’s balanced, you’ll be chasing an unrealistic goal your entire relationship.
  • Sugar-coating so you never hurt the other person’s feelings. - Be honest about what you’re feeling rather than trying to brush things under the rug.
  • Sticking it out. - If you’re just doing it to do it, get out of there! There’s no use getting yourself stuck in cycles if you’re not happy.


Angela Cortez

Angela Cortez

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