Bodies Of 3 Missing Rappers May Have Been Found In The Detroit Area

Armani Kelly, Dante Wicker and Montoya Givens

Photo: Facebook

Police in Michigan discovered three dead bodies that are believed to be the three missing rappers who went missing last month.

According to a report CNN published on Friday, February 3, a spokesperson for the city of Highland Park issued a statement regarding three unidentified corpses that were found in an abandoned apartment building nearly six miles outside of Detroit. So far, Michigan State Police have not confirmed the identities of the bodies. In a statement they made on Thursday night, authorities said they had state troopers, homicide task force and people from their forensic lab working together during their investigation inside the apartment complex.

“As of now we haven’t confirmed the identity of any victims inside or a manner of death,” Michigan State Police wrote in a tweet. “Please remember all victims have families and we don’t have the luxury of guessing on their identity and then retracting if we didn’t get it right. Once information is confirmed we will update (on Twitter).”

The artists in question are Armani Kelly, 28; Dante Wicker, 31; and Montoya Givens, 31. Kelly had picked up Wicker and Givens on the night of January 21 for a show at Lounge 31 in Detroit. The men were reportedly told that the party they were performing at was cancelled. According to police, all activity on their cell phones ended the following day. Since then, their families have been on the hunt to look for them. Kelly's mother, Lorrie Kemp, found her son's car in Warren, Michigan thanks to OnStar. Afterward, the families of the other two victims heard the news and realized they were missing as well.

According to FOX 2, the brother of one of the artists claimed that the show was set-up, but officials haven't been able to confirm that just yet. Police also reportedly picked up at 15-year-old who was driving around in the car. The details on the juvenile's arrest are unclear at this time, but it is something police are considering during their overall investigation. Check out the full report below.

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