Honoring First Responders: Congratulations To Kasey Horner!

Congratulations to Kasey Horner, our First Responder honored for the month of October! Kasey, a paramedic with AMR Las Vegas, was nominated by several members of his family!

Brianne wanted to recognize her brother because "my brother Kasey is probably the coolest paramedic out there. He will make sure your ride in his ambulance will never be forgotten, first he will do everything he needs possible to make sure you're okay and stable, then he will play any music that you request, even dances with some patients. He will make you forget you're even in pain. He definitely deserves ANY prize for all the lives he has saved for Vegas!!".

His mother Kelly wanted to recognize her son because "Kasey has an enormous heart. Since he was 10 years old he was a caregiver for his grandparents and others. Now that he has become a paramedic, he continues to show everyone, including strangers that same love. Thanks for all you do Kasey!  I love you!!!".

His wife Brittney wanted to recognize her husband because "Where to begin, Kasey first off loves his job. He is so passionate about helping people and saving lives! He started as an EMT at age 18 and has progressed from then until now at age 23. He is a Paramedic for the company AMR and also just became a preceptor (student trainer) he excels at helping people and teaching other how to help and save people in a caring way! If you asked any of his patients what they thought of his service he would hands down be top of their list of care providers. His motto on his truck is "make them leave feeling healthier and happier then when they arrived". He is the kind of paramedic you'd want to be pulling up to save you. He has helped countless people in the Las Vegas area".

Thank you Kasey for all you do for our community!

If you have someone you would like to nominate, please click here.

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